As a joint stock company, we entered the market in 2013 when there were five of us. Even then, we had many years of experience in the field. Thanks to that, we have managed to get major contracts and gradually grow. Today, they are almost 40 of us and it is a sign for us that we are doing our job well.

Our Values

Our everyday work is based on the values that have been important to us since start of our company.
We have built a strong team and a lot of satisfied customers.

Human approach with clients and in the workplace

Not every situation can be put into a pigeonhole. We are all human a so is talking among themselves. About everything, frankly and calmly.

We meet deadlines and budgets

We do not foretell from a crystal ball. When we set the price and plan a project, that’s it. Additional works is a dirty phrase to us.

We always find the best solution for you

We are among the top in our industry and we have not achieved that by proposing solutions that are only sufficient.

Fun is the right way

Really quality work arises only where there is a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. And that can be best achieved over a glass of good beer. That is why we regularly build our team on common barbecues in our teepee. Where a beer does not work, then a glass of good wine from our own wine cellar certainly do. The gentle part of our team could certainly have their say.

For whom have we worked?