Universities in the Czech Republic are figuring out that good quality equipment is needed for quality education. Such equipment that allow interactive teaching, have access to online content or record lectures and then distributes everything to students or professional public. And we know how to design, integrate and get to work such equipment to make it as easy as possible for the already busy teachers. That is why we were approached by the management of Czech University of Life Sciences Prague to design AV equipment for their new building of Faculty of Economics and Management.

What spaces will have integrated AV equipment?
  • 23 types of classrooms of various sizes,
  • 2 large lecture halls,
  • large meeting room (100 m²),
  • 2 smaller meeting rooms,
  • 2 offices of heads of department,
  • and halls, foyers and other areas.

The learning spaces will have projection systems that combine standard projection with whiteboards on sliding panels. In teacher desks, they will be integrated control panels for easy operation. Smaller meeting spaces will be equipped with AV equipment for presentations and in the large meeting room will also be installed video conferencing system.

What was the main purpose of this project?
  • Modernize and expand the possibilities of teaching and distribution of educational materials.
  • Set up the entire system so it would possible to unify it within the whole campus. Operation will be significantly simpler and easier.
  • Connect all the AV equipment under the central administration of a monitoring center. Thanks to that, the human resources required for operation may be reduced.
Technical Specification
  • For the seminar rooms, we have designed standard projectors with screen 1.5m height and 16:10 aspect ratio. There will be installed fixed frame projection screens. AV system’s default mode will display content from presentation all-in-one PCs. In teacher desk, it will be integrated button control panel for easy operation of the system with a possibility of connection of external sources through a integrated connection point. Playback of the audio tracks will ensure a pair of speakers on both sides of the front wall of the space located at the ceiling.
  • Standard double projections with screen 1.5m height and 16:10 aspect ratio is designed for lecture halls, both on fixed frame projection screens. Preview displays will be installed on a ceiling approximately in half the length of the space. Sound will provide a pair of column speakers on both sides of the front wall of the room and fill speakers in a suspended ceiling. In teacher desk, it will be integrated button control panel for easy operation of the system with a possibility of connection of external AV sources.

    The lecture halls have technical rooms for AV system operation. In the first stage, equipment will be following: AV rack and modular digital matrix switcher where will be tranmitted all signals from classrooms and halls and it will be possible to send them through a metallic and optical network of the university campus.

  • Large meeting room will be equipped with two presentation and one video conferencing system (with its own display). The room will have two column speakers on the front side and speakers on the suspended ceiling (using an audio DSP). We have designed a microphone system with Dante protocol including ceiling aray and table elements, all controlled by a central DSP. In the desk, there will be integrated a presentation PC connected through software to displays. There will also be cable access enclosure for AV connectivity for external sources and AC power. We have also designed an integrated touch control panel of AV system with simple graphic user interface.
  • Big seminar rooms and lecture halls have AV control panels also ready for control of lights and blinds. AV system of seminar rooms will be connected to academic AV VLAN so that the status of all systems in the seminar rooms can be monitored from help desk through an application extension.

Project Details

  • Date: 2017
  • Client: Faculty of Economics and Management CULS Prague
  • Total costs: 24 million CZK
  • Place: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Category: Projects, Schools