HUBRU (Human Behavior Research Unit) is the world’s unique laboratory at Faculty of Economics and Management, CULS Prague. It is a combination of Usability Lab and virtual reality laboratory. Both laboratories are backed up by the possibility of using biometrics equipment and they represent a breakthrough in the field of comprehensive research of human behavior.

AVT Group a.s. supplied and installed audiovisual equipment, icluding wiring, for HUBRU.

Installed were: Camera chain including controls, large format LED displays, sound system, intercom system, display wall, video editing system, sound processor, control computer, touch control panels, multi-channel AV digital recorder, including network storage, multi-channel IP streaming unit, system for managing and processing AV laboratory recordings (Media Asset Management System). For the whole project, we designed a implementation project and a project of an actual implementation of a set of AV equipment.

Project Details

  • Date: August–October 2015
  • Client: Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
  • Budget: 3,3 milion CZK without VAT
  • Place: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Category: Schools, Installations