Cinema room at TV Nova has been completely reconstructed. The room has five rows of seats with a total capacity of 35 seats and it will also be used as a multipurpose room which led to a design of the interior in accordance with room acoustics. AVT Group a.s. designed and implemented a reconstruction of the AV chain and room acoustics adjustments.

AV Chain Reconstruction

L-Acoustics front speaker set including a subwoofer was preserved and moved behind a projection area which required an installation of a new larger sonic screen. We replaced inadequate surround speakers with newly installed L-Acoustics 5XT. There are also new 4 channel DSP amplifiers L‑Acoustics LA4X optimized for the complete speaker set. 

For controlling of AV chain, there is a new Extron button panel with HDMI input for connecting user devices. For alternative content, there is a motorized pull-out stand for the existing Sony Bravia LCD display installed in front of the projection screen.

In a projection cabin, there is a new technological rack, ideally high for placing a new NEC NP-PX803UL laser projector (8000 ANSI lm, 1920×1200) to optimal position and for all other equipment, including a new universal BD player with RS 232 control.

Room Acoustics

The design of wall tiles and suspend ceiling has been made with regard to simplicity of installation – minimition of acoustic segments cut, preference of raster ceiling and optimization of cabel channels in tiles to simplify installation of low-current and AV cabling.

Room acoustics solution is also based on the need for a uniform distribution of acoustic absorption in all areas of the space. Behind the perforated projection screen, a mineral wool is installed all over the place, side and back walls are covered with perforated plasterboard, supsended ceiling combines two different types of acoustic panels and upholstered seats provide floor absorption. The reverberation time is homogeneous across the room and because of that, the seats are virtually equivalent in terms of listening.

AV processor Marantz AV8802A with the Audyssey adaptive system provides dynamic equalization and physiological volume control in relation with the rest of the audio chain and the space parameters.

Project Details