Recently, a new office building, designed by world-renowned architect Ricardo Bofill, was raised in Prague’s Karlín. To meet the expectations of modern office spaces, it must be equipped with professional AV equipment which makes a significant contribution to creating an efficient and inspiring work environment. And that’s exactly what we have designed for the Corso Court building.

What was part of the project?
  • 28 boardrooms and meeting rooms,
  • showroom,
  • 2 training rooms,
  • 2 hall offices,
  • 2 cafeterias and kitchen,
  • speaker room,
  • and communication spaces.
What is the presentation equipment in office operations necessary for?
  • AV equipment allow you to display digital content in corporate presentations without which you can not get along in today’s world. Often, you also need to have equipment connected to the internet and display the content directly from the online environment.
  • High-quality presentation equipment increase the level of presentation. This is very important, for example, in business meetings with potential clients. Each of these meetings also contributes to the company’s overall image.
Technical Specifications
  • In the boardrooms and meeting rooms, we have designed ultra short throw projectors with 3LCD technology in combination with magnetic boards with ceramic surface. In some rooms, we have designed various LCD displays instead of projectors. Sound will be provided by two passive speakers located under the suspended ceilings.

    Other social and communication areas of the building will also be equipped with LCD displays.

  • There will be prepared two connection points with VGA, HDMI, 3mm stereo jack and LAN RJ-45 ports. For operation of AV equipment, it will be used unified control system with simple control panels.
  • Most of the boardrooms, meeting and training rooms will be equipped with a booking system. In front of the rooms, there will be installed control touch panels which will display room occupancy. The control processor will be installed in one of the larger meeting rooms.
  • In selected meeting rooms, we have designed videoconferencing sets – videoconferencing codec, zoom camera and microphones.

Project Details

  • Date: 2015
  • Client: Skanska a.s.
  • Estimated Costs: 8 million CZK
  • Place: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Category: BusinessProjects