The new bulding complex was completed in Prague’s Holešovice district. It expands the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art exhibition spaces of other fields, such as theatre or cinema. Our company has designed and integrated equipment consisting of AV technology and theatre technology in a multifunctional hall which main aim is to offer the widest range of possible uses. Together with Airship Gulliver, it is our second collaboration with DOX.

Multifunctional Hall DOX+
What have we had to solve?
  • AV technology — projections, hall sound system and intercom for communication and coordination.
  • Scenic lighting — lighting console, dimmer units and scenic lights.
  • Theatre technology — a main curtain, decorative drapes, a backdrop, mobile rostrum halfpaces, lifting stage platform and lookout bridge.
  • Room acoustics — ceiling rotating acoustic panels, their sides have difuse tiles with various acoustic properties.
  • Elevated mobile auditorium — a telescopic tribune with electric opening and closing controls and a capacity of 232 seats on tilting chairs.

It goes without saying that all the equipment we design and implement including anchoring, cabling and then we train the operating stuff.

How have we achieved the most versatile use of the hall?
  • Thanks to the ceiling rotating panels, the hall has variable acoustics which can be adjusted to the type of event.
  • We have designed two electroacoustic sound systems, one for cinema and the other for other events (conferences, concerts, etc.)
  • The mobile auditorium allows to free up space for non-elevated social events.
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Technical Specification
  • Projection room will be equipped in DCI standard, a laser projector is going to be connected to a media server in order to project from standard distribution network. For signal management, there is going to be installed a digital signal processor in the main rack, matrix switchers (audio and video), intercom and control system. For concerts and other music performances, a digital mixing console is going to be available.
  • Sound for the cinema arrangement is going to be provided by specialized RLC speakers in mobile variation placed behind electric screen. On the side and back walls, there is going to be permanently installed effect speakers. The main and universal sound system is going to constist of 6 line-array segments on each side of the hall (with a subbass speaker). We assume the use of WST (Wavefront Sculpture Technology) including adjustable directionality.
  • Lighting control room will be equipped with a lighting console with wireless remote control that allows up to 32 possible sessions. We have designed several types of scenic lights for the greatest variability of the hall (profile spotlights 750 W, theatee spotlights 1000 W and 2000 W, pinspots 1000 W, LED pinspots, stage theater symmetrical and asymmetrical spotlights 1000 W, movable effect LED spotlights, tracking spotlight and haze machine).
  • For theatre part, the action part of the hall is going to be equipped with electromechanically opened and lifted curtain. Decorative drapes are going to be located between the main curtain and the backdrop. Electromechanical pull unit is going to be located under the ceiling. The pull unit consist of a frame and on it, there is going to be a rope drum mounted in transmission which is powered by electric motor. Electric motor is equipped with silent Mayr double safety brake and with manual release levers. Spindle limit switch is going to bude used for micro ride before reaching the end position for monitoring the end and emergency positions.
  • In order to have variable acoustics in the hall, the ceiling have 24 triangular panels which anchored to the steel construction by self-tapping screws. Rotation of acoustic panels are by electromechanical drives, one drive for every two panels. Acoustic panels have the shape of a triangular prism and is made of a steel. The steeling construction is finished on both sides with a bearing shaft, they are attached to the consoles hanged from the ceiling. Similarly, the drive is also anchored, which consists of a worm gearbox with an electric motor and a pulley which rotates two acoustic panels using belts.

Project Details