We are looking for skillful people. Maybe it is you!

What we can offer you
when you become part of our team?

Fair Approach

We are used to talk among us straight, frankly and calmly. We hold the view that truth is the right way.

Quality Equipment

We want you to work smooth. We do not work on slow computers or with poor equipment.

Inspiring Environment

Hardly any company can offer you own wine cellar or Indian teepee in the garden.

Corporate Events

At least once a month, you can enjoy meat, wine, singing. And beer. Lots of beer.

Who are we looking for?

Currently, we don't have any specific open job positions.

Are you, however, interested in our work? Do you like AV technologies and/or acoustics? We know that every company is build by its people and that it grows only as its team members. That is why we are always open to new talented people who can enrich our team and inspire others.

Do you think you have something to offer? If you are interested in working with us, write an e-mail to