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AV Equipment of Arena in x-bionic® sphere Sport Center


In Slovakia, on the edge of Šamorín town, x‑bionic® sphere has grown in the middle of a corn field, one of the most modern sports centers in the world. Within this complex, a new multipurpose sports arena is being constructed, for which we have designed AV/TV technology including a sound system.


What was part of the project?

  • Camera equipment,
  • control room,
  • mobile TV and audio control station,
  • sound system,
  • TV information system,
  • LED screen cube,
  • scoreboards and AV equipment for matches.

Using the designed AV equipment, it is going to be possible to display the desired content on large display screens (LED cube), in the hall information system, and for TV broadcast, on scoreboards, for on-line streaming or further processing and archiving as well.


What are the advantages of our solution?

  • Besides the standard control room, we have designed a mobile workstation which can be connected to any access point in the arena and any external video source can be used.
  • We have determined the concept of sound system based on electroacoustic simulations on a 3D model of the arena, thus achieving the same listening conditions for all listeners.
  • We have used the latest technologies and have designed an integrated cabling for the transmission of both video and audio simultaneously.

Technical Specification

Camera Equipment

For shooting sports events and other events taking place in the hall, remote-controlled PTZ cameras that are suitable for TV broadcasting will be available. Professional TV cameras will be available for designated camera platforms and they could be rented for matches, including the staff .

Control Room

Control room is going to serve as supervising and control center for the main hall. There is going to be installed LCD video wall displaying all video channels, configuration PCs, and the PTZ camera controller. We have also designed a mixing system which can be controlled from a tablet on mobile workstation.

Mobile TV and Audio Control Station

The solution to the TV and audio control station is its mobility, it is going to be mounted in a rack on wheels. On the top of it, there is going to be a preview display showing switchable streams through a quad processor . The main control element is going to be a live production system with a sufficient number of video inputs and outputs. Under it, there is going to be a video HDD player and recorder and access points. The mobile workstation can be connected to any access point in the arena.

Sound System

Sounding of the arena is going to be done by so-called distributed sound system, meaning installing speaker boxes in order to ensure the same listening conditions for all listeners. We have designed 18 passive speakers (without integrated amplifiers) hanged on arena bridges and 9 six-channel amplifiers, connected with Dante converters. Sound system is going to be controlled by an audio processor connected to a fire signalisation system and it will be switched off by defined incoming signal from a fire alarm control panel. This function will be enhanced by the ability to turn off high-powered supply for the entire set of AV equipment.

LED Cube

We have designed LED cube in the way of four LED screen panels arranged in the shape of a four-sided body with sloping edges that are formed by wedges. The size of the LED screen is going to be 4,032 m × 3,456 m in native resolution 1344 × 1152 pixels with 3 mm pixel pitch. LED cube will be suspended on four engines with synchronous shift, with adjustable upper and lower stop and with an automatic monitoring of the load on each motor. The entire cube is designed to be detachable, and the construction is adapted to that (including the control and configuration processor). This allows automatic screen configuration – which means sorting individual cabinets without using a computer. This feature is important when you change the screen structure, you don’t have to reset the control software.


In the arena, we have designed at total 6 scoreboard panels, two in each hall. In smaller training halls, scoreboards are going to be placed in the longitudinal axis of the halls (on the opposite shorter sides), while in the large hall, the scoreboards are going to be located on the longer opposite sides. The scoreboard's sizes have been set so that all the data could be visible and readable from all sides of the hall.
The AVT Group a.s. was founded in 2013. Since the very beginning we have been following a clear vision - offering highly qualified services in the field of audiovisual technologies and room acoustics. Our team consists of many certified experts who have been working in this field since the turn of the millennium.

Since 2014 we have been certified IMS ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 from the renowned Quality Austria company.


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