Prague Congress Centre belongs among the most important congress centres in Europe. But its fame is slowly fading due to obsolete equipment and insufficient capacity. The construction of a new multifunctional hall and extensive reconstruction of the centre interior are supposed to reverse this trend. Modernization of AV technology, in which we have participated, is part of this reconstrucion.

What was all part of the modernization?
  • Reconstruion of infrastructure system for AV technology and scenic lighting.
  • Delivery of DiGiCo digital audio mixing consoles, ChamSys scenic lighting control consoles and ROBE programmable lights.
What are the advantages of our solution?
  • We have changed the analogue audio system with a digital one which is going to significantly improve the quality of sound reproduction.
  • For audio signal distribution we are using Dante and MADI technologies integrated into Optocore technology which allows up to 512 audio channels.
  • We have designed new digital infrastructure in order to allow variability and future upgradability.
Technical Specification
  • Newly designed audio system is based on current standard in digital processing and distribution of multichannel audio with fixed and mobile AD/DA converters (stage boxe units). Fixed stage boxes have 32 line/microphone inputs, phantom power, 16 line outputs, multichannel Opto MADI connectivity with up to 512 channels, connection via 2× opticalCON or MADI via etherCON. It operates at 96 kHz if there are 28 input and 16 output channels via CAT5, at 48 kHz if a total capacity is 32 input and 16 output channels.

    The entire distribution system and operating of new DiGiCo SD5 and SD10 digital mixing consoles is based on the topology of the interconnection of all elements in the system using redundant optical wiring. For distribution, we have designed Dante digital distribution protocol using the benefits of classical data (metalic/optical) cabling. Conversion to a digital domain take place on stage boxes that are configurable in terms of the number of inputs and outputs and the required interface.

  • Mobile video equipment for Congress Hall and Forum Hall we have expanded with the Extron converters (transmitters and receivers) that allow video signal processing at 4K resolution. Video signal distribution is also dimensioned for 4K resolution, it is solved by coaxial and optical cabling ended on patch panels.
  • We have complemented the current system in order to expand technical parameters of lighting equipment and its control, including new control cabling and the required connection points. For Congress Hall and Forum Hall, we have delivered and installed ChamSys scenic lighting control consoles and ROBE and Robert Juliat programmable lights (profile lights, LED lights with effects, LED PAR lights).
Press Reports

KCP.cz | Prague Congress Centre has a new modern AV equipment

Project Details

  • Date: 2017
  • Client: Kongresové centrum Praha, a.s.
  • Total Costs: 15 million CZK
  • Place: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Category: ProjectsInstallations