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CULS Prague – HUBRU (Human Behavior Research Unit)

HUBRU (Human Behavior Research Unit) is a unique laboratory at Faculty of Economics and Management, CULS Prague. It is a combination of Usability Lab and virtual reality laboratory. Both laboratories are backed up by the possibility of using biometrics equipment and they represent a breakthrough in the field of comprehensive research of human behavior.


What was supplied?

  • Modern set of AV components that are intergrated and combined in the way to enable huge variability during the design of research cases.
  • Four cameras that are monitoring the space and all the seated participants during their interviews and other activities.
  • In the research area, there are placed large-format displays on both side walls to display assignments, instructions and other necessary information for the participants.
  • Eye-tracking system – special cameras that monitor the movement of eyes, view goal and other.
  • A pair of semicircular tables for participants that are equipped with the connectivity of the working PCs to the data network and to the AV chain in the technical background. The participants can communicate between each other and with the research leader via wireless headsets that are placed in the docking stations on the tables.
  • Technical service workplace equipment, including a monitoring wall to control AV signals by using a powerful image editing room. The editing of records, that are stored in the disk array, is done remotely in PC-based editing rooms.


Technical Specification

Video chain

The core of the video chain is an image editing room that is able to operate with up to 20 different image inputs in HDSDI format with the possibility of HD resolution. Converted image outputs of cameras and working stations of the participants are connected to the inputs of the editing room.

The outputs of image direction are intented for the monitoring wall, previews in the research area and for displays of the research leaders. Other duplicated outputs from the editing room are connected to image streamers that enable to transfer AV content, that is generated in the Usability Lab, to CULS academic network.

Alternative image sources with wireless transfer of AV content will be able to connect via Apple TV or any other system for wireless transfer of the image from mobile device according to the operating system.


Audio chain

The core of the audio chain is a powerful and fully configurable audio processor with a open inner architecture that is expanded by additional inputs and outputs. Wireless communication sets of participants are connected to those inputs and outputs. The processor is connected by inputs and outputs to the editing room. Program and communication audio signals are processed in DSP and distributed to the sound and monitoring loudspeakers according to the needs and operating mode.






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