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Interpretation Laboratory and Multimedia Rooms at University of Ostrava


The Faculty of Arts of the University of Ostrava is rebuilding and modernizing the main building and in pursuance of that, they have decided to set up a workplace for teaching interpreters, a lecture hall and multimedia classroom. It is a highly specific operation that requires a sophisticated AV equipment with an emphasis on sound quality to ensure a high level of clarity. Such an unconventional assignment will always please our designers.


How did we solve individual rooms?

  • The interpretation laboratory includes 9 separate cabins with interpreting panels that are controlled from teacher’s desk where you can also display teaching materials on large LCD displays from an all-in-one PC. Those are extended with a ceramic board.
  • The lecture hall for 154 people includes two other interpreting positions, their recording and processing is carried out in the facilities of the interpretation laboratory. The interpreting signal transmission for people in the hall is provided by wireless stethoscopic receivers.
  • We connected the multimedial classroom to the lecture hall, it will extend ways of teaching and sharing the lectured content. We also equipped the classroom with an interactive projection and videoconferencing equipment.


Thanks to our AV equipment, the faculty will have a top-level workplace

  • The interpreting laboratory will allow simultaneous involvement of up to 18 students. Teachers will be able to easily switch among their interpreting desks thanks to the control panel in the teacher’s desk.
  • Connection of the lecture hall with laboratory and multimedial classroom will allow maximum learning variability.

Technical Specification

Interpretation Laboratory

It is a teaching room with interpreting booth in two rooms located in the rear of the room. Basic mode of the AV system will display the content from a presenting all-in-one PC, the content is displayd on two large-format LCD displays with the possibility of displaying different content (for example multilingual presentation). There is a central ceramic board between the displays.

A control panel will be integrated in the teacher’s desk for an easy operation of the system with the possibility of connection of external sources through intergrated connection point. In addition to basic control, shutter control will also be available.

Sound is provided by the ceiling speaker set. For basic teaching, the audio part of  AV system is active only at AV matrix switcher, Dante protocol is used for interpretation which can be distributed over the data network to other areas and efficiently perform and process the recording of all the required channels. Therefore, for each interpreting desk, there is a converter from an analog audio signal to Dante protocol.

Lecture Hall

In the back of the hall, there are two positions for interpreters and a workplace of technical control. This interpretation equipment is also connected via converters to Dante network, in order to allow recording and processing within the laboratory equipment. As in the previous room, the presentation equipment will include an all-in-one PC, content will be displayed by a central projection. On the right side of the front wall, there will be installed a ceramic board. In the teacher’s desk, there will be an integrated a control panel for easy operations of the system with the possibility to connect external sources of AV signal through a built-in connection point. In the back of the technical control room, there will be similar panel with extended settings and with the possibility to monitor the system. On both positions, there will a shutter control panel.

The hall is equipped with multichannel surround system, for the conference operation there is an additional pair of ceiling speakers at the back of the hall. Wireless transmission of two interpreting signals is ensured by a pair of transmitters in teacher’s desk, the third transmitter is used as a replacement for the induction loop. Wireless stethoscope receivers of the interpretation system are counted to be for 120 people.

Multimedia Classroom

This classroom is supposed to have a basic connection to the conference hall – connecting HDMI inputs to outputs of AV switches. There is an interactive central projector and side wall speakers providing sound. All-in-one PC is equipped to enable basic videoconferencing operation – USB camera and two microphones. They are connected via a two-channel preamplifier with phantom power to the integrated PC input line. At the conference table, there is a control panel, connection point and shutter control panel. There will be four additional connection points in the table.



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