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Panoramic Projection at Škoda Service Center


Service Training Center is one of the most advanced training centers in the automobile industry. Technical and business training for the brand's importers and dealers from all over the world are being held here. Five-floor building offers many possibilities for its use. Lecture rooms, training and conference rooms and a presentation hall Vision with the capacity up to 300 people. There is a panoramic projection wall with a width of 30 meters. After years, it was now time to modernize it.

The previous solution was inadeqaute for two main reasons. Insufficient number of projectors with low contrast ratio and poor user experience. That's why we have designed and installed a new projection system that is unique by its technical solution.


  • 7 laser projectors were chosen based on the results of two tests.

  • Thanks to 10,000 ANSI lumen of brightness, they show clear details in the darker parts of a picture.

  • Barco E2 image processor ensures a seamless picture blending.

  • The maximum image delay is only two frames. Of course with the support of 4K resolution.


Automatic Calibration Within 20 Minutes

Seamless blending of pictures from seven projectors is a time-consuming operation. Color reproduction is also affected by variable environmental parameters (temperature and humidity) and projector life. For a totally uniform image, the calibration has to be perfomed repeatedly, preferably before every major event.


  • This calibration process had to be simplified. That's why we have equipped the system with an automatic calibration system. It ensures flawless picture in about 20 minutes.

  • Automatic calibration is handled by 4 digital SRL cameras.

  • Calibration takes place in the Panasonic management software on the supplied laptop. Thanks to the calibration, the image is now united regarding to the colors of the projection across its wide. The calibration process is now easier and faster.

Technical Specification


Eight Panasonic PT-RZ970LBEJ laser projectors with 10,000 ANSI lm brightness were installed. Seven of them are used for the panoramic wall, the eighth one projects image geometry with edgeblending on the right side wall.

Automatic calibration system consists of four Nikon D5300 DSLR cameras placed on tripods. Calibration takes place in the Panasonic management software installed on a powerful laptop.

Six programmable Robin LED WASH 600 Plus lights have replaced lights that were in collision with the projection. Also, we have anchored them newly directly into the ceiling.

Control room

AV signal processing is managed by Barco E2 image processor with additional input and output cards. For its control, we have installed Barco EC-50 compact event controller with touch screen and assignable and programmable buttons.

Signal distribution to the projectors is managed by a set of Extron transmitters and receivers with integrated input switchers.

Control room is equipped with four 27" Dell UP2716D UltraSharp displeys (2560 × 1440 resolution) and one 43" Dell P4317Q display with resolution of 3840 × 2160 that can display up to four video inputs at the same time.


The AVT Group a.s. was founded in 2013. Since the very beginning we have been following a clear vision - offering highly qualified services in the field of audiovisual technologies and room acoustics. Our team consists of many certified experts who have been working in this field since the turn of the millennium.

Since 2014 we have been certified IMS ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 from the renowned Quality Austria company.


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