Thanks to a diverse composition of our team, we have a broad portfolio of AV technology, acoustics, electroacoustics and IT services. It gives us a huge advantage in finding the optimal solution, as these fields overlap and complement each other.

We Take Care of the Entire Project from A to Z

We work conceptually and systematically according to logically arranged steps. This makes our work efficient.
Of course, we always adapt to a specific assignment that sometimes requires only some parts of the process.


First, we will clarify an assignment together and then we will create a study that clearly defines the proposed solution.


After we match your expectations with our proposal, we prepare documentation in all stages needed for successful implementation.


We will realize the whole project, including construction and carpentry work. Even the old equipment won’t surprise us and we will get rid of it.


We care about the equipment throughout its life cycle. If necessary, we will also train your staff.

We also offer professional consultations

We provide consulting, acoustic measuring, we develop assessments and feasibility studies. We also offer participation in the control on projects and promote investor.


Do you just want to rent or buy AV equipment?

AV and Acoustic Solutions

For new and existing theater operations we design communication, loud announcing, starting signalization and stage management systems including video chains. We also realize and implement sound chains including signal processing (mixers, sound processors, amplifiers, etc.)

We are not afraid to design also stage cue light systems including image processing and signal distribution. Modern backbone AV and control signal distribution in theater operations we design with optic and copper wiring.

Major projects

In collaboration with representatives of universities and other schools we design audiovisual equipment of classrooms, lecture halls, congressional halls, laboratories and other study areas. We also focus on room acoustics and IT infrastructure.

In many cases, we design projects of entirely new areas where we are not limited by existing equipment. Installations according to our projects excel in unification of technical equipment, ease of use and in the possibility of central control and management of audiovisual chains.

In recent years, there is a shift from analog to digital distribution. This gives rise to projects where we try to make maximum use of existing equipment which we extend with modern digital components.

Designed AV equipment we gladly install and give service support throughout its lifetime. The current trend are laser projectors and large monitors with digital content distribution. Laboratories are often equipped with technical devices for virtual reality, 3D simulation and visualization. Largers projects cannot go without e‑learning which uses streaming, recording and stored content management. Final outcomes are modern teaching facilities with remote access to educational materials.

Major projects

In collaboration with architects and facility managers, we design audio-visual equipment of administrative buildings, congressional halls, meeting rooms, videoconferencing rooms and other areas. We also focus on room acoustics of these areas.

Audio-visual equipment is nowadays closely linked to information technologies. When we plan AV equipment, we do not cooperate only with facility managers and architects, but we strongly focus on IT infrastructure. The planning team can not do without IT department.

We gladly install designed AV equipment and give service support throughout its lifetime. Our clients are more and more enjoying complex service of installed equipment with regular maintance on regular basis. Often, there is a necessary preparation for installation of AV equipment in some areas of administrative buildings where we then lend more complex systems on single events.

Major projects

O2 Arena, KV Arena, Werk Arena, sports hall Královka, Viacúčelová športová hala Šamorín, Eden Aréna, football stadium Štadión Antona Malatinského Trnava, Greyhound Park Motol. Our team of sound engineers was in the past participating on preparation and installation of all these projects and dozens of others.

If you are running or planning a sports hall, stadium, swimming pool or another sport facility, do not hesitate to contact us! A team of experts with extensive experience will help you not only in the field of LED screens and acoustics, but also with infrastructure planning of the whole project.

In these spaces, we also offer measurement of acoustic parameters according to ISO 3382 (reverberation time, level of clarity, etc.) and measurement of comprehensibility and loudness according to EN 60 849.

Major projects

We are not afraid of atypical spaces

We can solve any space you can imagine. Even airship.


Acoustics and Electroacoustics

Before we even start designing acoustic adjustments of a room, we always make acoustic measurements. Based on the measured values, legislative requirements and standards, we design a project based on customer requirements. There are also of course control measurements to meet specified parameters after completion of a implementation.

We measure various acoustic parameters according to ISO 3382, EN 60 849 and others:

  • reverberation time
  • intelligibility
  • structural and impact sound insulation
  • noise measurement

When we design room acoustic adjustments, we start from a planned use of space and acoustic parameters that defines that space (mainly reverbation time). We focus on the client’s specific requirements while meeting the legal requirements and standards. Our goal is to achieve so-called acoustic comfort which means creating a pleasing space for users.

How do we proceed?

  • Initial Measurements – Before we begin to design adjustments, we need to carefully determine the parameters of the space.
  • Simulations and calculations – For the most accurate design, we use acoustic 3D models. On them we perform simulations and calculations according to the specified use of space.
  • Visualizations – For our client to get an idea of how space will look with AV technology and acoustic elements, we also create detailed 3D models in SketchUp.
  • Installations – After approval, our technicians will adjust the space according to the project.
  • Measurements and calibrations – When everything is in place, we make a control measurement and set up the supplied equipment correctly.

The designed space must primarily meet the required acoustic properties, but we do not neglect the final appearance of the space. That is why we work with architects often since the initial design.

In our projects, most often we use high-quality acoustic elements from Vicoustic. This company is one of the most dynamically developing companies on the acoustic solutions market. The portfolio of their elements has both the perfect properties and the modern design.

Acoustic elements are needed if you require acoustically clean room for recording purposes, or just need to mute unsuitable room acoustics and other unwanted effects.

Properly designed and acoustically adjusted space is not everything. That does not guarantee that quality AV equipment will automatically work and play properly.

Top amplifiers, speakers or entire sound systems. These devices must be properly set and calibrated. And that’s what our qualified electro-acoustic professionals with years of experience can do. At a client’s request, they can handle almost everything.

What do we do with electroacoustics?

  • Project documentation of electroacoustics in all stages.
  • Delivery, assembly and calibration of electroacoustic devices.
  • Design, setup, and calibration of sound systems in rooms and in open spaces, including stadiums.
  • Measurements, designing and integration of evacuation systems.
  • Equalizations and calibrations of various electroacoustic sound systems.
  • Calculations and simulations of clarity and coverage of listening surfaces.

We deal with room acoustics and electroacoustics across a wide range of spaces. Control rooms, recording studios, offices, lecture halls, theaters or cinemas. This is just a short list of several of our projects. We can help you with everything from small studios to large multifunctional halls and concert halls.

What types of spaces do we solve?

  • Administrative buildings – offices, meeting and videoconferencing rooms
  • School facilities – lecture halls, classrooms, research facilities
  • Cultural objects – theaters, cinemas, concert halls
  • Sports objects – swimming pools, hall, stadiums
  • Public spaces – aiports, hospitals, restaurants, shops

We hold a record in acoustic measurements

Our top acoustic engineer has written the most comprehensive database of acoustically measured areas in the world.


We Work with the Best Brands